Shovel & Bell

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Shovel & Bell

Branding & identity.

Shovel & Bell is the latest up-market gelateria and cafe in Guangzhou, China. The brief was to create an artisinal gelato brand with an emphasis on experience, quality, and taste. Shovel & Bell’s vision was to use traditional preparation methods for making gelato and premium ingredients, versus industrial production and preparation. Their customers were to be working adults who appreciate quality and enjoy indulgence.

The name “Shovel & Bell” came from the idea of traditional gelato shovels, and childhood feeling when you hear the ice cream bell. We introduced a colour palette of 10, gelato-inspired colours, along with gelato drips and splatters as part of the visual elements. While we wanted our brand to reflect quality and luxury, we also wanted to bring out the childish side of people — the feeling of a cold scoop on a hot summer day.

Featured on:
Identity Designed (6 Feb 2013)
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